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The Results Are In! Purim 2017

Shalom Shaarei Kodesh,
As we are about to enter into the festive holiday of Purim, I wanted to fill you all in early results from our future space survey. Not only were the answers surprising, but the comments were extraordinary!
When asked "Do you think that our location limits us?" the  overwhelming majority said it did, but 30% of those respondents said the issue is specifically with the gas station. However, those same respondents claimed that, if it the gas station was moved and a Starbucks was added, our current location would be fine.
Of the respondents who said they liked the location, they mentioned that they loved that we have a gas station strategically located just steps away from our entrance. Interestingly enough, 98% respondents have asked that the gas station give our congregants a discount on gas. 2% of our congregants have electric cars and therefore do not need a discount on gas, however, they have asked that the same discount apply to the candy, chips an…