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Eulogy for Irv Pomeranz

I rarely post eulogies online, but then again, Irv was a one of a kind guy.  

Blessed is the man who reveres Adonai, who delights in God’s commandments. His descendants will be honored in the land, a generation of the upright, they will be blessed. Prosperity fills his household, his righteousness is enduring. Even in the darkness, light shines for the upright, for the one who is gracious, compassionate, and just. All goes well with the man who is generous, whose dealings are marked by integrity. He shall never be shaken, his kindness will always be remembered. Evil tidings do not frighten him; his mind is firm, trusting in Adonai. His heart is steady, he will notbe fearful, for his enemies are destined to be overcome. He has given freely to the poor; his goodness is an inspiration to others; his life is exalted in honor. – Psalms 112:1-12
Eulogy for Irv Pomeranz by Rabbi David Baum Yisrael Hanokh ben Harav Tz'vi Aryeh u-Miryam
I walked into my home just a half hour after seeing Irv …

Lulav and The Body© - A Sukkot Holiday Resource For Those Struggling with Eating Disorders

Lulav and The Body© A Source Sheet For Those Struggling with Eating Disorders by Rabbi David Baum Sukkot 5777/2016
The lulav, whose central pillar is referred to as its backbone/spine (shidrah) resembles the backbone of the human The leaves of the myrtle branch (hadas) resemble the eyes of the human The leaves of the willow branch (aravah) resemble the lips of human The etrog resembles the heart (lev) of the human Midrash - VaYikra Rabbah 30:14
Explanations by Rabbi David Baum
Every morning in Judaism, we wake up and say prayers thanking God for the little things that make a big difference – parts of our bodies that allow to live in this world. On Sukkot, we shake the lulav every morning to help remind us even more of the importance of our bodies and how we can better 'walk' in this world – with the confidence of a straight spine; with more open eyes; with a mouth ready to speak words of praise and goodness; and a heart that is open and ready for healing.
Lulav/Palm – The Backbone/Spine

#LivePresent© - Kol Nidre 5777

#LivePresent© Rabbi David Baum, Kol Nidre 5777/2016 Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
I would like to ask you all to do one thing – it’s easy, it won’t take more than a minute, but it’s also a really difficult thing.But, please, if you will do this one thing for me, it will make me so happy:will you please turn off your phones?I don’t mean put them on silent, I mean actually turn them off.
Thank you.Now, here’s my next request, it’s also really difficult – who in here wants to admit that they pretended to turn off their phones?
I thought so.Why is it so difficult for us to disconnect – maybe, it is because we are afflicted with a terrible disease - #FOMO.

#FOMO has been a terrible condition for years now.  #FOMO is an acronym for the condition:Fear Of Missing Out.Here is how it strikes - you are doing something like playing with your children or grandchildren, or maybe, I don’t know, sitting in shul, and your mind starts to wander.Suddenly, you are thinking about five different things that you co…

I Am Nothing Without Them© Rabbi David Baum, Yom Kippur 5777/2016

I Am Nothing Without Them© Rabbi David Baum, Yom Kippur 5777/2016
Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

Do you know that last year marked the largest number of pictures ever taken?1 trillion.We are fond of saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures say more than others.For example, the pictures taken at the Rio Olympics this summer.Who can forget that picture of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, looking to his sides to see his opponents, as if he was strolling, on his way to win another gold medal.Or the picture of the two marathon runners, Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino, picking each other up after they knocked into each other.Michael Phelps had a couple of iconic pictures.Do you remember when he was taunted by a shadow boxing South African swimmer Chad le Clo during a warm up?Phelps stared at him the entire time with an intense look, and went on to defeat him and everyone else in that race.Of course, there was the picture of Phelps kissing his gold medal with a tear in …