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Abracadabra – The Power of Our Words©

Abracadabra – The Power of Our Words© Rabbi David Baum, Shabbat Tazria, March 29, 2014/27 of Adar 5774 I saw a strange scene that I would like to show you.A lawyer, Stanley Cohen, wearing a kafiya, making a comment after his client, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law was convicted conspiring to kill Americans and other terror charges.Mr. Cohen stood outside of the court room and this is what he had to say:“It’s not about words, it’s not about association, if you want to turn around and indict people for words, there are about 270 congressmen who have said some pretty incendiary things, maybe we should start there.” What exactly did Abu Ghaith do? The day after 9/11, at Bin Laden’s request, Mr. Abu Ghaith issued the first of a series of videotaped statements that helped Bin Laden spread his global message of terror, energize Qaeda fighters and recruit new ones.Abu Ghaith became Bin Laden’s spokesman, some might say a Goebbels ‘lite’ – spreading propagan…