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Alternate Realities and The Real After Pittsburgh©

Alternate Realities and The Real After Pittsburgh© Rabbi David Baum Parsahat Hayyei Sarah – November 3, 2018
Who in here has felt, after the events of the last week, that we are living in an 'alternate reality'?  Alternate realities are all the rage now in pop culture.

There is a very popular show on Amazon streaming right now – it's called the Man In the High Castle.  The show, in its third season, is based on reality, an alternate reality.  In this reality, the allies during World War II were not successful; in this reality, the U.S. is the American Reich; the Nazi ideology spreads to America.  The government isn't German, it's American, they speak English with no accents – the Nazis didn't need to send an invasion force – they had people waiting to embrace their worldview.  As you can imagine, the Jews do not fare well.  Philip Roth, the great Jewish-American novelist, also wrote a book about an alternate reality called the Plot Against America.  In this al…