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Weekly message - Post Camp Ramah and Iran Nuclear Deal

Shalom Shaarei Kodesh,
As you may know, I have just returned from two weeks at Camp Ramah Darom where I served as rabbi in residence for the first two weeks of second session.  It was, as always, an inspirational and wonderful experience.  I am grateful to both Ramah for bringing me to camp and to our congregation for giving me these two weeks to serve the larger Jewish community.  There are great benefits for synagogues to send their rabbis to Jewish overnight summer camps!  In fact, there was an article today outlining the benefits for synagogue communities, rabbis, and camps.  I also wrote an article about the benefits of overnight Jewish summer camp in Parklander Magazine. 
Click here to read - Top 10+ Reasons to Send Your Rabbi to Jewish Summer Camp Click here to read, "A Jewish Summer" (found on page 108) by Rabbi Baum
While at Ramah, I was able to spend time with our campers who attend during the second session of camp.  This summer, we have sixteen campers in second s…