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Take the Long Waze© Rosh Hashanah (Day 2) 5778/2017

Take the Long Waze©  Rosh Hashanah (Day 2) 5778/2017 Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
For those who left South Florida before Hurricane Irma, who used the app Waze?  Waze is an amazing traffic app that was created by an Israeli company and bought by Google for around 1.3 billion dollars – Waze changes in real time – it will give you the absolute fastest way to your destination, and they added a gas feature so you can see in real time which stations have fuel before and after a hurricane.

Well, today, I want to tell you about a new traffic app that I developed – it’s called Long Waze.  Rather than giving you the shortest way to the destination, it's only going to give you the longest possible way to a destination.

I imagine that I will not receive a billion dollars from Google, so don’t worry, I’ll likely be here for the foreseeable future.  This app won’t be for directions on a street map though; it will be for the paths that we take our lives.

The Talmud (Eruvin 53b…