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The Secret to Our Greatness©

Parashat Tzav - Shabbat HaGadol 5778/2018 The Secret to Our Greatness© Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
A couple of months ago, I officiated at a wedding for a young Shaarei Kodesh couple.The wedding was planned to a tee, every scenario was taken into consideration.It was an outdoor wedding in winter in Boca Raton - it never rains in the winter.As I got to the hotel, the rain started coming.Even my weather app was confused - it said no 0% chance of precipitation.So we waited, and waited, and the guests sat outside through the drizzle.Finally, they started coming in, and I’ll never forget what happened next.A senior woman in a walker came up to me in a huff, “Are you the rabbi?”I said, “Yes, I am.”She answered, “It’s raining out there, do something!!!”I said, “Ma’am, as a rabbi, I might have some powers, but controlling the weather isn’t one of them!”
I bring this up because just this week because a D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. posted the video to his official Face…