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YOUR Mother's Day

This time of the year is all about counting.  I know what you are thinking, I’m counting the omer, but actually, I’ve been counting the days until Mother’s Day trying to find the right gifts to make all the mothers in my life happy!   I wonder if the mothers in the room know how hard it is to buy a mothers day gift.   Fathers will be happy with a tie or a gift card, but mothers…oy.   Mother’s Day is a big holiday in our secular calendar, and I’m sure almost all of you have plans one way or the other, but some of you may not; I’ll get back to that.   It is interesting to think, but why do we need a Mother’s Day?  Shouldn’t everyday be mother’s day?   Perhaps it is because our mothers’ do not always get the credit that they truly deserve.  Did you know that if a stay at home mom were paid for her 94 hour work week, she would make $113,568 a year?  Working moms don’t have it any easier.  They spend more time multi-tasking than dads, working a 48 hour work week as opposed to a 39 hour work we…