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Jewish #Disruption©

Jewish #Disruption©
Parashat Terumah 5779 - February 9, 2019

Facebook has a motto that they were famous for, and now are infamous: 'Move fast and break things' – it speaks to their company, the tech industry in general who values the concept of disruption. Disruption might seem like a negative term, but recently, it has become the ideal for any company. Move fast and break things. Disruption is the new model. Disruption leads to innovation, to startups and new technologies. But it also leads to people and companies being left behind – people losing their purpose. The new overtakes the old, and the old slink away. I wanted to read you something that challenges the concept of disruption:
“At a certain point — somewhere on the way from sounding smart and buzzy to becoming an over-worn clichĂ© — a word loses its power. Disrupt is a good word we have mistreated terribly to the point it has become powerless. We’ve forgotten what it means, even as several smart people have written columns…