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A Night of Inspiration

What an amazing night that Rabbi Josh Broide put together for the Boca Raton community!  Never before have so many rabbis from different denominations come together to share 'Torah' of unity in our city.  I was honored to have been included amongst these distinguished rabbis.  I recorded my speech (about 10 minutes long) below.  

Making A Peace Offering – Vayikra and Reflections from AIPAC 2014©

Making A Peace Offering – Vayikra and Reflections from AIPAC 2014© By Rabbi David Baum It was great to be back at AIPAC – what it feels like to be among 14,000 people who are there for one purpose – to support and strengthen the bond between the U.S. and Israel, is an indescribable feeling! Some people tell me, “AIPAC is full of right wing people, and, although I’ve never heard this, those in Orthodox congregations hear – it’s filled with left wing voices.I’m hear to say, yes and yes.It’s both, it’s all; and that’s why I like it.There are times when I feel at home, and there are times that I will hear someone say something that really bothers me, and that’s when I recognize that we are under a big tent.All too often, we divide up into silos – but when we are under a big tent for one purpose, we are so much more effective. It’s more than just diversity of opinion, but diversity period. AIPAC has made, in my eyes, the correct decision to reflect the changing American landscape, includi…