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The Building Deluge of Climate Change© Parashat Noah

The Building Deluge of Climate Change© Parashat Noah
I don’t know why, but we are obsessed with the idea of the world ending.In the movies, they end in various ways – in some, by alien invasion, in some, it’s disease, worldwide pandemic, in some – earthquakes, super tornados, and of course, floods, in some asteroids have crashed to earth, and of course, who doesn’t love a Zombie apocalypse.

Our parashah this week deals with the worst-case scenario the – the end of the world, and most human life.The flood story is perhaps one of the most well-known and popular narratives in the entire Torah, the scenario that started them all – the great flood.
We have become obsessed with catastrophe.Who didn’t worry about the Ebola virus in the United States two years ago, even though, as a news article stated, More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola.Don’t get me wrong, Ebola is a serious illness that has killed thousands in Africa, but is it the end of the world a…