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Eikev - Jewish Parenting - It Takes A Kibbutz©

Jewish Parenting - It Takes A Kibbutz© Rabbi David Baum
I just had my 37th birthday - I know some of you think I’m still a kid, but I feel old.
I grew up in a time with mix tapes - anyone in here remember mix tapes? You would tape a song from the radio, it wasn’t the best quality, or you would take your friends tapes - also, not the best quality.
But, you could make your own album - that was different then the past - now you were your own music producer - but it wasn’t easy. You still went to the store, you bought tapes, you interacted with others - you were part of the system.
All of that changed with Napster - music sharing
Now, you could high quality music, make your own album -
I-tunes came and added some morality - now we don’t steal music - we shouldn’t at least - but, a reality was set - you make your own album - it’s all about you.
We live in a boutique culture - everything can be suited just for you for a price - everything is individualized. As a consumer, this is great, but i…