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Hunger and The Heart©

Hunger and The Heart© By Rabbi David Baum Yom Kippur Day, 2013/5774
I want to begin by speaking about something that I probably shouldn’t be talking about today:food.
Before we go on, have you ever wondered, why do we fast on this day?I know that in the past, I have told you that it is to raise us to another level so that we can focus on atoneing for our sins, but it’s mid day, and I’m sure that some of you are more focused on the bagels and locks that you’ll be eating tonight than being angels!
After many years, I’ve realized something – maybe we fast today, so we are forced to think about food.
I’ll tell you how I got to this idea – it was from an experience I had in Washington DC.
When I was 21, I led a trip with our Ramah group of 15 year olds from Ramah Darom to our nation’s capital, DC, with a program called Panin al Panim – face to face.On the first night of the, the organizers brought a homeless woman come to tell them her story.It was a touching story, the woman was abused by her h…

The ‘Jewish’ Way To #YOLO (You Only Live Once)©

The ‘Jewish’ Way To #YOLO (You Only Live Once)© Kol Nidre – 2013/5774 By Rabbi David Baum
There are many acronyms that we have grown accustomed to:LOL, JK, TTYL, and more.I once taught our bar/bat mitzvah classes and they had a whole conversation with just acronyms!
It was like a foreign language; I had to use a dictionary!OMG!
But there’s a new one that you might not be aware of that is going viral amongst our young ones:YOLO, you only live once.
YOLO is a fun way to live – let me read you some tweets with the hashtag YOLO
I just flirt .. all the time .. even when I know I shouldn't #yolo
Sometimes ya gotta just jump out of your friends car and get into a strangers convertible#opportunityknocking #YOLO
(You can try it yourself!Go to and type #YOLO in the search box)
YOLO is something you might tweet after you go bungee jumping, sky diving, or when you buy a sports car even though you know you shouldn’t.We say YOLO when we do something adventurous, dangerous, fun, an…