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Jealousy and Humility© Parashat Behukotai - 5775/2015

Jealousy and Humility© Parashat Behukotai - 5775/2015 Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
I want to share a story with you all, honestly, it's kind of personal, and it's not one of my finest moments. I received an email from my brother, an article quoting him in the Sun Sentinel. My brother, a congregant here at CSK, has been the Director of Testing for Broward County Schools, an important but behind the scenes kind of job. It was the first time he had ever been quoted in the paper.
I heard all of this, and I heard my yetzer harah speaking to me, “how many articles in this paper have I been quoted in? Where was that praise from my family then?” That yetzer harah actually has a name – kinah, jealousy.
It was interesting, but at that moment, I became competitive with my brother, whom I consider my best friend.
I know I'm not alone. We all have our stories of sibling rivalries, in fact, it's timeless. We see a great example of this in our parashah this week…