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Shabbat Nachamu - Finding Comfort Through The Rock

It was a difficult week for our family as we lost Alissa's grandmother, Lila Sosna.  It was a very sudden loss for us, and she was very special to our whole family.  I will post her eulogy on this blog later this week.  Although she lived a long and fruitful life, she was taken far too soon.  Our whole family has been blown away by the support and comfort given from so many including family, friends, and congregations, mainly Beth Ahm Israel of Cooper City where Lila was a very active member, and Congregation Shaarei Kodesh where our family, including Lila's daughter and son in law (my in-laws), are active members.

After the funeral, on my way back to the car, I saw a bench with the last name Agler, and I took a seat on it to have some moments to myself, and this is what I saw:

I was blown away by the number and variety of stones.  In Judaism, rather than leave flowers, we leave stones when we visit a someone's kever (grave).  Flowers wither, but rocks are forever.  I was…