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Rabbi David Baum's Statement about Shooting at AME Church, South Carolina

I have just returned from a professional development conference for Rabbis, and yesterday morning, surrounded by my colleagues, I had the honor of leading Musaf for Rosh Hodesh Tammuz, a month that contains the holiday of the 17th of Tammuz, a day when the walls of Jerusalem were breached, eventually leading to the destruction of our Holy Temple. This week, a despicable human being in an act of hate and terrorism violated another faith's holy space.  During our prayer service, my colleagues and I read Tehillim/Psalms (our shared holy text) after Musaf, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters whose lives were taken and who those left who live in fear of their lives because of their skin color.  It was not just their space that was violated, but all of our holy spaces.
There is a debate in Judaism, should prayers be fixed or spontaneous?  Prayer in Judaism occurs three times a day, and there is a set text, giving us words that are often times hard to find to fully express oursel…