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When Reality Television Gets Too Real

When Reality Television Gets Too Real Parashat Matot-Masei, July 5th, 2013 By Rabbi David Baum
I returned home on July 4th as I completed my four day trip to Camp Ramah Darom.  Camp Ramah is located in the mountains of North Georgia, a place with practically no cell phone reception, very limited wifi and no television, and you know what, I loved it!  
Being "disconnected" from technology at camp was amazing, and just yesterday, I had a dvar torah that I wrote about this very subject; but that's not what this dvar torah is about.  Sometimes, we are just moved by something we see, that we may have grown accustomed to, but finally, we've had enough.    
I actually want to talk about television and racism; I know, how did I get from camp to racism?  Hear me out.  
When I arrived at home yesterday, I reconnected with the family, saw some fire works, and after everyone went to bed, I turned on the television to catch up on shows stored in my DVR, and the reality television show,…