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Broken and Whole

It has been a tragic week for our community as we mourned the loss of Josef Pessah, alav hashalom, or as we knew him, Yossi, who passed away at the young age of twenty after a nine month battle with cancer. The Pessah family, and the entire community, both our congregations and others in Boca Raton, family here and in Israel, young friends and a college campus are heartbroken. After his passing, the family asked if we could ask our congregation to perform a very important mitzvah, from the time of death to the time of burial. I wanted to share the story of a sacred act that our congregation took part in last week after Yossi passed: shimrah. As I explained in a letter to our community, "One of the most important mitzvoth/commandments in the Jewish tradition is K'vod HaMet - showing respect for the dead. In his article, The Centrality of Kavod HaMet(Honoring the Dead), Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman writes: "Unlike us, the rabbis did not begin with the idea of a self who disappea…