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Making Room For Others©

Making Room For Others© - Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei - Shabbat HaChodesh 5777/2017 Rabbi David Baum
What is your favorite moment of the seder?
I want to share mine - opening the door for Elijah.When I was kid, we used to watch that cup of wine on the table, waiting for the magic to happen.We could have sworn that the liquid in the cup went down!
But I’ll never forget one Pesach - we started singing Eliyahu HaNavi.The custom is that we open the door for Elijah the Prophet, the prophet who never died, whose return to the world will signal the coming of the Messiah.We opened the door like every other Passover, and a man covered in a white sheet walked in - it really happened.It was my youth director at the time whom our family was very close to.
Half of my family screamed out of fear!But my question to him was, “How long were you standing outside of our door?”
Of course, we do not expect people to walk in.But what if Elijah did walk into our home?What would we do if a stranger sat down and sta…