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How Long Will We Stand By?© Words of Torah About Gun Violence

I gave this dvar torah to my congregation after I returned from a trip to D.C. with 80 clergy from different faith groups from around our great country.  This sermon was published in the book, Peace in Our Cities:  Rabbis Against  Gun Violence.  It has been a couple of months since that moving trip, and now, we sit in a different place.  I felt I had to post this again because our voices must be heard, despite what happened yesterday in the Senate.  This is what I just posted on Facebook:  
As I sat in my office yesterday, and the update came on my phone about the defeat of the bi-partisan bill to expand background checks, my heart sank. I know that some of my Facebook friends might disagree with me on these issues, but I cannot remain silent. Why I must speak has nothing to do with politics - this is much beyond politics for me. In this week's parashah, we read the Holiness Code in the book of Leviticus; a code that attempts to lift up our people and humanity up to be better and …