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Shabbat Message - Behukotai - Camp Send Off Shabbat 5776/2016

Shalom Shaarei Kodesh!  
In this week's parashah, Behukotai, Bnai Israel make their final preparations before leaving Sinai for the promised land, they light the menorah, the seven branched candelabra that they placed in the mishkan/Tabernacle, and later, in the holy Temple in Jerusalem.  In Judaism, we are always looking forward to the bright lights of the future.  As we light our own candles, we wonder - who will kindle the lights after us?  This Shabbat will be a truly special weekend at Shaarei Kodesh. On Friday evening, we will honor our congregants who are participants in our Create a Jewish Legacy program at Shaarei Kodesh.  This first cohort of congregants, who we are calling, our "Gate Keepers" have pledged to make an after-lifetime gift to benefit Shaarei Kodesh and other Jewish organizations in South Palm Beach County.  These gifts will help preserve and perpetuate Judaism in our area for years to come.  On Shabbat morning, we will honor the Gate Keepers as wel…