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How Good Are Our Tents? The Kotel Controversy

How Good Are Our Tents? - The Kotel Controversy Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh Parashat Balak 5777/2017
Jewish unity can be a fleeting thing as we saw in these last weeks.
The kotel compromise officially began in 2013 – took three years to get everyone on the same page, and in a day, it’s all gone.(for a basic overview of the Kotel compromise, please read: Western Wall prayer fight ends with historic compromise
Due to the outcry from the Jewish community outside of the land of Israel, the government has delayed any changes for six months.
Now we have six months, so what now?
Before we start planning for the future, I would like to look to the past.Today, I want to focus on two things:
1.Balaam’s famous blessing, Mah Tovu 2.An adaptive solution to the issue of pluralism
Balaam, the infamous non-Israelite prophet, is ordered to curse the Children of Israel by a King Balak who was fearful of these ex-slaves from Egypt.However, every time Balaam tries to curse them, he bless…