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Do Not Hate Your Brother In Your Heart(c) - Kedoshim 2014/5774

Do Not Hate Your Brother In Your Heart(c) Parashat Kedoshim, 2014/5774
By Rabbi David Baum

A teacher told me an interesting story this week. In her class, there was an Israeli child who was making fun of an African American boy in her class. The Israeli child kept calling him “poop skin” and laughing at him. The teacher took the boy aside and asked him why he is calling this child names based on his skin color. The child replied: “who cares if I make fun of him, he’s not one of us!”
It was at that moment that the teacher went to her desk, took out a ruler, and brought it to him. As she showed it to him, she asked him one question: “How does this make you feel?” 
His face changed immediately – gone was the care free smile and he became angry: “I think it’s terrible - I don't like it.” 
What made this boy react this way? The ruler was something the teacher keeps in her drawer, something she found in her class room years ago. On the rule was a picture of a face on it…covered with a swastik…