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Avoiding the Pit Falls in Life

- This Dvar Torah was delivered at Shaarei Kodesh on 12/17/11, parashat Vayeshev

Today, we stand here in simcha, happiness, as we welcome two young men into Jewish adulthood for their Bnai Mitzvah.  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, baby namings, brit milah, weddings, and funerals and unveilings all fall under the classification of a life cycle event.  I was recently asked, which life cycle events do I as a Rabbi enjoy the most?  In my opinion, the best life cycle events are when there are people there to share in the simcha, or to comfort those who need comfort during a loss. 
I have done weddings in living rooms, on beautiful beaches, in beautiful catering halls, and in ornate synagogues.  But it does not matter where they happen, but it is all about the who.  Who is surrounding the baby, the bar/bat mitzvah child, the young or older couple, and, unfortunately, who is surrounding the person whose soul has departed. 
Life cycle events, as we call them, are very special, and to me, they are a way …