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Children of Adam and Eve

Children of Adam and Eve by Rabbi David Baum
I saw the most beautiful thing this week at morning minyan at the Rabbinical Assembly convention.  A former teacher of mine brought her daughter, who she adopted, to the morning minyan (they are not the people in the above picture).  Her daughter is two years old, and she held her close to her in a baby bjorn, which is not an easy thing to do!  This woman adopted this baby and I am sure she had to work long and hard as the process is not easy.  Her baby is of a different ethnicity, but it made no difference - you could see that they were connected by a strong bond of love that was palpable.  I felt like I was witnessing literal holiness in my midst, the fulfilling of the famous statement in the Torah,  "ועשו לי מקדש, ושכנתי בתוכם’ "Build me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among you."  
At one point, her daughter looked into her mothers eyes, and touched her mother’s tefillin on her head.  I was so captivated by this tender ima…