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The Miracles in Our Places©

The Miracles in Our Places©   Parashat Ekev Rabbi David Baum It was the Wednesday, my fourth day at Camp Ramah Darom.  I came to Darom on Erev Rosh Hodesh Av, which is arguably the saddest month of the year.  During the month of Adar, our joy increase, but in Av, our joy decreases.  In order to show this decrease in joy during the first nine days of the month of Av, we do not drink wine or eat meat.  Now, abstaining from wine at a summer camp is not very difficult, but abstaining from meat can be a challenge for many (my apologies to our vegetarians and vegans in our congregation).  Luckily, for the Orthodox Carnivores at camp, there are some opportunities for taking a break from our vegetarian meals.  There's a little known exception to the no meat for nine days rule:  One can eat meat if he or she is part of a siyyum, the completion of a holy book.

Wednesday is always barbecue day at Camp Ramah Darom (and it was also Yom Sport or Color War), so a number of staff members came tog…