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Election Day Reflections 2012

Sometimes, you have to take a step back and realize the amazing gifts we have and the miracles that we experience everyday.  In the Modim paragraph of the Amidah, we say these words three times a day, everyday of the year, "We thank You and praise You for our lives that are in Your hand, for our souls that are in Your charge, for Your miracles that daily attend us, and for Your wonders and gifts that accompany us evening, morning, and noon."

I want to tell you about a moment when I realized a miracle that daily attends to us.  Two days ago, we had dinner my parents and my paternal grandfather, who was born on the same day as I was, but in a much different place, and a much different time.  My grandfather, a survivor of the Holocaust from Czechoslovakia, has told me first hand how special this country has been for our family.  Here, we have the right to be equal citizens and to take an active role in choosing our leaders in government.  These are not things to take for grant…