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Abraham: Immigrant or Refugee?©

Abraham: Immigrant or Refugee?©Rabbi David Baum, Parashat Lech Lecha 2018/5779 How and when did your ancestors come to America?

If you are Ashkenazi (from Eastern and Western Europe), you actually have an interesting connection to Ashkenazim in Israel:  almost all of us came to a new land Israel and the United States and Canada, on a boat.  Almost all of us had to cross a body of water to get here.  

I have shared my family's story of immigration – my parents were both born in Europe.  My mother's family came from Poland in the 1960's.  My father's side came earlier, in a different way.  After the war, my grandparents, both Holocaust survivors, after a long courtship of less than a week, got married, and soon after, had my father.  My grandmother received a letter from an American Jew with her maiden name.  The American thought my grandmother was his cousin.  Knowing that she wasn't, but also knowing that this might be her only chance to leave Europe, she took the tri…