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A Born Again Jew - Parashat Beshalach

(I delivered this Dvar Torah at Shaarei Kodesh in 2010, but I think it's still relevant)
What do we think of when we hear the term: born again?  What connotations does it have?  When we hear the term born again in our society, we think of Evangelical Christians.  The term denotes a very personal relationship.  An individual is unhappy with the direction in their lives, they see that there is a better way, in this case, accepting Jesus as their lord, and they are born again.  It might surprise you to know that this idea of being “born again” is not so foreign to us as Jews.  We see it a lot, just in different words.  In our vocabulary, a born again Jew is generally called a Ba’al Tesuvah.  This is also a very personal thing.  But Judaism is not always about the personal, most of the time, it is about the community and the people.  What I want to discuss is how we as a people were born again in this week’s parashah, B’Shalach. One of the most famous scenes in the Torah is found in thi…