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Healing Through Prayer

A couple of days ago, I was asked by one of the administrators at the Zale JCC Pre-school, where my son is a student, to pray with a couple of the teachers for healing for two of their teachers.  This pre-school is very special for so many reasons, but one of the most interesting aspects of the school, in my opinion, is the amount of years that the teachers have been at the school.  Most of the teachers have been teaching together for twenty or more years, and the newbies have been there for close to six years!  Their commitment to the school and our children, to the families, and to each other is felt in every aspect of the school and part of it comes home every day to the homes of hundreds of families in Boca Raton.  When I entered into the room this morning, I expected to be praying with a couple of these teacher's close friends, maybe four or five teachers, but I entered a room with dozens of people who were desperately looking to make a difference in their friends' lives.…

Rabbi gets eye-opening lesson on gun violence

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Our Response to Gun Violence

Announcing the publication of Peace in Our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence.
With a Foreword by Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Executive Director of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights; Introduction by Pastor Michael McBride, Director, PICO Network’s Lifelines to Healing Campaign and spiritual leader of The Way Christian Center in Berkeley, CA; an Afterword by Teny Oded Gross, Executive Director, Institute for the Practice and Study of Nonviolence; and edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor, the spiritual leader of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA.
On January 29, 2013, nine rabbis from across the United States joined the Pico Networks Lifelines to Healing Clergy gathering at the White House. More than 80 faith leaders raised up their voices and prayers for a moral response to the scourge of gun violence plaguing the country, especially in the inner-cities. From that gathering, Peace in Our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence was born.
The collection of 21 essays, by some of the leadi…