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Love and Hate - My weekly message for Shabbat Nachamu 2015/5775

Love and hate are two feelings that seem contradictory to one another, and yet, there’s adage that is often quoted:there’s a fine line between love and hate.In Judaism, that line is just 6 days:from the 9th of Av to the 15th of Av.Within the span of one week, we journeyed from hate to love in the Jewish calendar.
Last Saturday night and Sunday, we gathered together at Shaarei Kodesh in mourning for the loss of our holy Temples, the destruction of Jerusalem, and a number of other tragedies that befell our people throughout history. We observed this holiday with the one of only two 25-hour fasts that occur in Judaism.On Yom Kippur and on Tisha B’av, we abstain from food and drink, sexual relations, anointing ourselves, bathing, and wearing leather soled shoes.Jewish tradition calls Yom Kippur the white fast and Tisha B'Av the black fast.On the white fast when our sins are being forgiven, who needs to eat?On the black fast when we remember the tragedies of our people, who ca…