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Should I Upgrade? © - Rosh Hashanah Sermon, Day 2

Should I Upgrade? © Rosh Hashanah Sermon, Day 2, 5774/2013 By Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
I want to begin by telling you all a story that I’m sure you can empathize with. I had to stay home with my youngest son one day, but I also had some important meetings that I had to take part in, and because of the wonders of technology, I could do both, or at least I thought I could.
I was on a Skype meeting and my son was acting up, he wanted my attention. So I did what anyone else would do – I gave him my phone to play with so he would leave me alone!
I continued on in my important meeting and I hear a familiar sound that filled my heart with dread – PLUNK! And I knew immediately what happened, he dropped my phone in the toilet. I did what I probably should have done before – I ended my Skype call and immediately started Googling, how to fix an I-phone after it’s fallen in the toilet? There I am, standing with my phone in a bag of rice as my 18-month-old son is laughing at me.

Journeying Together On A Path To Holiness© - Rosh Hashanah Sermon, Day 1, 5774/2013

Journeying Together On A Path To Holiness© Rosh Hashanah Sermon, Day 1, 5774/2013 Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
There was something that happened a couple of week’s ago that changed my view of how I see the world. Our congregation’s board held it’s first ever retreat, and part of the board retreat involved creating a new vision statement for our congregation.Let me begin by saying how talented our board is.They came up with some great adjectives to describe our community, and finally, we had our statement – Congregation Shaarei Kodesh – Journeying together…they loved it, all smiles and nods, on a path…still loving it, smiles all around…to holiness. And the room fell silent – blank stares, and some frowns.And a couple board members, and let me say, I love them dearly, they are such amazing people, said something that really got me thinking: “I don’t know rabbi, I feel uncomfortable with that word.” What word?Journey, path? You know, the H- word, Holy Let me get a show of hands,…