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Reflections from a Wet and Dry Selichot©

Reflections from a Wet and Dry Selichot©By Rabbi David Baum

In the darkness, you cannot see the clouds…your eyes are heavy, you hear no sound; you are half-asleep…
It is in the darkness when you don’t know what will come, good or bad… It reminds me of the feeling people have when they realize that there is a problem with their bodies, or their loved ones.It is in the darkness, the unknown, where we are most frightened.
When the light comes, the situation becomes more real; one can develop a plan – hope comes into focus.
And then, a picture of sun and shade; dry and wet; light and darkness.In the Shacharit service, we bless God as yotzer or uvoreh chosech – who fashions light and creates darkness …oseh shalom, u’vorei et ha kol – God makes peace, and creates everything.The words are a version of a quote from the book of Isaiah (45:7) – oseh shalom, u’vorei et harah – makes peace and creates evil.
As the lightening and thunder descended, as the winds pushed us back, we reminded ourselve…