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The Ripple In the Still Water of My Mind

The Ripple In the Still Water of My Mind Dave Baum (at least that’s what people called me in my early 20’s)
I’ve been asking people for the last two weeks:what’s priceless and free at the same time.The purpose of the question was an idea I had on vacation, and it became a sermon I wrote, but I was so moved by the responses I received.Perhaps the most profound and thought provoking response I received was memory, the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned, retained, and/or experienced.The first words, learned and retained, were found in a dictionary, but I added that last one: experienced.
As the Grateful Dead played their last shows, fans all over the world could listen and watch, in a movie theater, or in comfort of their own homes, and be a part of the magic of the Dead, live.Actually, the Dead Heads, the devoted fans of the Grateful Dead, might have been the innovators of this concept.They tried to contain memories in a bottle, so moved by the music; th…