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Silence Before the Noise© - A Pre-Passover Message

Silence Before the Noise© Shabbat HaGadol 5779/2018 Rabbi David Baum
Photo by @chairulfajar_ on Unsplash
It's Passover time which means I'm at the kosher grocery stores a lot, or as I call it, my own personal Mitzraim.  Waiting in long lines, you cannot help but overhear conversations, mainly because we are such a verbose people, it is crowded and loud, and of course, hearing aids seem to be in short supply.  So I think I'm going to start a new Twitter Account – Overheard in Boca.  I want to test one out, so here's my first Tweet:

"You should hear what Sarah regularly says about her husband, poor guy. She never has a good word to say about him. I think she must have graduated school with a degree in lashon hara.”

“And do you know what, Estelle? He's really not such a bad man. I mean look at me - my Chaim is a fat, lazy slob and cheap as they come. But have you ever heard me say a bad word about him?"

We come to an interesting time in our calendar – it is Sha…