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Shabbat: the Cure for Our 'Affliction' - Yitro 5776/2016

Shabbat: the Cure for Our 'Affliction'© - Yitro 5776/2016 Rabbi David Baum, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

I received a call yesterday close to noon from a friend asking if I wanted to go to the Pearl Jam concert with him.But guess when it was?Friday night.I told him I couldn’t because of Shabbat.It was then he said to me, you know, I kind of feel bad for you.You have this life that is so restrictive, you can’t go out to bars and spend money on Friday nights, you can’t cook on Saturday, you can’t go to concerts.You waste a whole day at home when you could be out doing things!You miss out on so much!How do you live this?And I know, some of you might be thinking the same thing about me.
And then, there’s another story, a conversation I had with a younger family member, a young person in their 20’s.This family member confessed that she can’t sit and do just one thing anymore.I am so tied to my phone, the internet and constant communication that I can’t focus on anything.So I gave her a…