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The Dove and the Raven© - Shabbat Noach 5778/2017

The Dove and The Raven© - Parashat Noach 5778/2017

Rabbi David Baum
A new flood is foretold by the world's weather specialists and they say that nothing can be done about it. In three days, the waters will wipe out the world.
The Dalai Lama appears on television and pleads with everybody to turn to Buddhism. That way, they will at least reach enlightenment.
The Pope goes on television and says that the world must accept Christianity in order to attain salvation.
The Chief Rabbi of Israel takes a slightly different approach: "We all have three days to learn how to live underwater."

There is a bit of a misconception when it came to how the world flooded in the Noah story.  The flood did not start with rain, rather, it started with the fountains of the great deep bursting apart, and the floodgates of the sky broke open (Genesis 7:11).  It was a reversing of the process of creation.  God removed the barriers and started over with chaos.  
I bring this up because it does seem like w…