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Love and Hate - My weekly message for Shabbat Nachamu 2015/5775

Love and hate are two feelings that seem contradictory to one another, and yet, there’s adage that is often quoted:there’s a fine line between love and hate.In Judaism, that line is just 6 days:from the 9th of Av to the 15th of Av.Within the span of one week, we journeyed from hate to love in the Jewish calendar.
Last Saturday night and Sunday, we gathered together at Shaarei Kodesh in mourning for the loss of our holy Temples, the destruction of Jerusalem, and a number of other tragedies that befell our people throughout history. We observed this holiday with the one of only two 25-hour fasts that occur in Judaism.On Yom Kippur and on Tisha B’av, we abstain from food and drink, sexual relations, anointing ourselves, bathing, and wearing leather soled shoes.Jewish tradition calls Yom Kippur the white fast and Tisha B'Av the black fast.On the white fast when our sins are being forgiven, who needs to eat?On the black fast when we remember the tragedies of our people, who ca…

Weekly message - Post Camp Ramah and Iran Nuclear Deal

Shalom Shaarei Kodesh,
As you may know, I have just returned from two weeks at Camp Ramah Darom where I served as rabbi in residence for the first two weeks of second session.  It was, as always, an inspirational and wonderful experience.  I am grateful to both Ramah for bringing me to camp and to our congregation for giving me these two weeks to serve the larger Jewish community.  There are great benefits for synagogues to send their rabbis to Jewish overnight summer camps!  In fact, there was an article today outlining the benefits for synagogue communities, rabbis, and camps.  I also wrote an article about the benefits of overnight Jewish summer camp in Parklander Magazine. 
Click here to read - Top 10+ Reasons to Send Your Rabbi to Jewish Summer Camp Click here to read, "A Jewish Summer" (found on page 108) by Rabbi Baum
While at Ramah, I was able to spend time with our campers who attend during the second session of camp.  This summer, we have sixteen campers in second s…

Articles and Resources about the Iran Deal

The following are links I received from Valley Beth Shalom in Los Angeles, California.
Recommended Articles on Recent Iran Deal:
Comprehensive, section-by-section, summary of the nuclear deal: Click Here

The full draft text of UN Security Council Resolution re: Iran Deal: Click Here

White House Statement on Iran Click Here

Ari Shavit, Haaretz columnist Click Here (registration required)

David Horovitz, The Times of Israel Click Here

Thomas Friedman, New York Times Click Here

Robert Satloff, Executive Director of Washington Institute Click Here

Yehuda Kurtzer, Hartman Institute N. American President, Click Here Additional links:

Ari Shavit - The Iran deal: From thriller to horror story

Advocacy Organizations
 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) -
 Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) -
 American Jewish Committee (AJC) -
 Washington Institute for Near East Policy -

The Ripple In the Still Water of My Mind

The Ripple In the Still Water of My Mind Dave Baum (at least that’s what people called me in my early 20’s)
I’ve been asking people for the last two weeks:what’s priceless and free at the same time.The purpose of the question was an idea I had on vacation, and it became a sermon I wrote, but I was so moved by the responses I received.Perhaps the most profound and thought provoking response I received was memory, the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned, retained, and/or experienced.The first words, learned and retained, were found in a dictionary, but I added that last one: experienced.
As the Grateful Dead played their last shows, fans all over the world could listen and watch, in a movie theater, or in comfort of their own homes, and be a part of the magic of the Dead, live.Actually, the Dead Heads, the devoted fans of the Grateful Dead, might have been the innovators of this concept.They tried to contain memories in a bottle, so moved by the music; th…