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South Palm Beach Federation Annual Meeting Dvar Torah 2013/5773

South Palm Beach Federation Annual Meeting Dvar Torah 2013/5773 by Rabbi David Baum How many people have a Facebook or Twitter account?  Keep your hands up.  How many had one three years ago, five, eight, ten, fifteen?  Social media, through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites has revolutionized the way we connect to others.  We have access to friends from high school, our neighbors, and we can follow celebrities on Twitter giving us access we could not have dreamed of just 10 years ago!  It seems like a great blessing – we can connect to millions of others now more easily than ever!  But this new connectedness is not always the blessing we think it is because often times, we still have our old world tendencies in play.  Unfortunately, most of us only latch on to the people who we feel are most similar to us and who validate our own world views, and if we agree with them, if they are part of our socio-economic group, only then are they a part of our community; but this is no…