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Never Forget - Why We Can't Just 'Move On'©

Never Forget - Why We Can't Just 'Move On'©
We have developed some phrases over the years to summarize our mission for Yom HaShoah u’Gevurah, Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, mainly, Never Forget, and Never Again.The question is, what do these words mean to us as Jews, and can they mean different things?I would like to start with the words, Never Again.Never Again has developed to mean two things:never again will we as Jews let millions of our brothers and sisters be exterminated, but also, never again will we allow genocide of any kind to occur in the world.Its double-edged meaning has evolved along with our evolution in the way we see ourselves in the world, and the way others see us.Perhaps never before have our people taken the role of Or LaGoyim, a light unto the nations, as seriously as we have in recent decades.For example, whenever there is a catastrophic event that occurs in the world, Israel is often the first country to send field hospital units to help t…

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A lesson I taught on HOW to truly make Passover a different night, or as a congregant said, "moving beyond the orange."