Shabbat Va'etchanan - What to Expect?

Shabbat Va'etchanan
What to Expect?
Friday night - A fun lively musical service for all ages led by Cantor Yakov Hadash with dinner!  
During/Post-dinner - a Torah discussion led by Rabbi Baum at my table.  
In this week's parashah, Va'etchanan, Moses gets some bad news (again):  He isn't going to the Promised Land with the Children of Israel.  But honestly, isn't this the experience that every generation of parents grapples with?  God willing, our children will live many fruitful years after we have left this earth, the question is, how will the ethics and lessons we teach them help them on their journeys?  What does it mean to be good?  How should we treat others?  

Shabbat morning
Our weekly Shabbat service begins at 9:30 am
Our new learners' service will begin at 10:00 am - 11:15 am at the Annex
11:15 am - Sermon:  Love is Love is Love - But What Is Love?
12:00 pm - Kiddish (or come JFK - Just for Kiddish and Shmooze)
In our parashah this week, we read the famous line, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all of your soul, with all your might..."  But what does it mean to love?  The last two weeks, I had a truly remarkable experience with close to 50 young Jewish Milleniuls.  Together, we learned about Jewish friendship and the ethics of Jewish dating.  I taught them Torah, but they taught me some Torah of their own:  their experience dating in the 21st Century.  During my talk, I'll share some insights from this week's parashah and teach you the Torah that I learned in the last two weeks.


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