Dear friends and family,

It has been so long since we have all talked and we hope that you can forgive us. As many of you know, I (David) am graduating from rabbinical school and I (Alissa) will be completing my internship for my PsyD program officially making me a Doctor (next year). So after next year, you can call us Rabbi and Dr. Baum.

People used to joke that a Rabbi's kid and a Psychologist kid is going to need major therapy...well, its funny that they mention that because we are expecting! Alissa is about 4 months pregnant and we are expecting our new delivery on August 4th. We also found out this week where we will be next year for Alissa's internship...drum roll...and the winner is: South Florida. This has been a pretty high stress time for us and we are so glad to know where we will be next year.

On a personal note (this is David talking), I have gained a new found appreciation of Alissa's professional aspirations when I read the matching letter she received from her school (I will put it under our signature). As you can read below, this year recorded the highest amount of people applying for internships and a drop in sites offered because of the economic downturn. Alissa was fortunate enough to get one of her first two sites that she listed which was not such an easy thing this year. Alissa is an amazing person and I know that she will have a long and fruitful career as a talented Psychologist.

We are excited to return to South Florida where we will have lots of family and friends, and of course, grandparents for our little one. I (David) will be looking for a job as a Rabbi, teacher, and/or preacher in South Florida so if you hear of anything, please pass my name along. My blog below has my resume, some newspaper articles that I have written, my senior sermon on You Tube, and more goodies.

We want to thank all of you for your support over the years and we look forward to seeing many of you more often in South Florida. We have to say, we will miss New York and the lifelong friends that we have made, but sunny South Florida sounds really good right now as we are freezing during this cold winter.

All the best,

David and Alissa Baum

We are pleased to report that 2,752 applicants were successfully
matched to internship positions. A total of 45% of all applicants who
obtained a position matched to their first choice internship program,
approximately two-thirds (66%) received one of their top two choices,
and nearly four-in-five (78%) received one of their top three choices.

A total of 846 applicants were not matched to an internship position,
while 299 positions remained unfilled. This is the highest number of
unmatched applicants to date, slightly exceeding the 842 unmatched
applicants from the 2007 APPIC Match.

Compared to the 2008 APPIC Match, the number of registered applicants
increased by 66 (1.8%) to a record 3,825 applicants, while the number
of internship positions decreased by 7 (0.2%) to 3,051 positions. It
should be noted that on September 30, 2008, initial 2009 Match
registration figures showed an encouraging increase of 243 registered
positions as compared to the same date in 2007. However, this
increase was not sustained over time as the economic downturn worsened
in the months leading up to Match Day, resulting in positions being
removed from the Match due to a loss of (or uncertainty regarding)


Richie Baum said…
Congrats to you and Alissa. We can't wait for you to join us in sunny South Florida. Good luck on your job search and we can't wait to see our new nephew.
Julie and Richie
Dave said…
OR NIECE RICHIE...We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl

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